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Titans win Super Bowl XII

Tennessee wins its first title after a victory over Chicago.
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    [2025] Draft Grades Part #3 (LV through NYG)

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    NOTE: This doesn't include any value you got out of trading away picks for other assets. Grades are relative to each other based on chemistry, potential for skill and busting, and overall skill changes to your team.


    :raiders: Las Vegas Raiders

    • Overall: B
    • Best Pick: OG Aaron Hunter (USF)
    • Best Value: CB Rahsaan Reese (Valdosta State)
    • Best Potential: TE Rafael Cotter (Navy)

    :chargersnew:Los Angeles Chargers

    • Overall: A+
    • Best Pick: SS DaeSean Sample (Clemson)
    • Best Value: OT Cyrus Swartz (Duke)
    • Best Potential: CB D.J. Chavis (Alabama)

    :ramsnew: Los Angeles Rams

    • Overall: B-
    • Best Pick: OG Will Groves (Washington State)
    • Best Value: CB Isaiah Simpkins (Maryland)
    • Best Potential: DE Thomas Newsome (Louisiana-Lafayette)

    :dolphins: Miami Dolphins

    • Overall: B
    • Best Pick: CB Patrick Ross (TCU)
    • Best Value: ILB Bryce Smith (Syracuse)
    • Best Potential: WR Cameron Bowers (Kansas)

    :vikings: Minnesota Vikings

    • Overall: C
    • Best Pick: ILB Lavonte Thornton (North Texas)
    • Best Value: QB Messiah Winston (Pitt)
    • Best Potential: ILB Lavonte Thornton (North Texas)

    :patriots: New England Patriots

    • Overall: C+
    • Best Pick: DT Amir Pryor (Oklahoma State)
    • Best Value: ILB Dillon Hall (UCLA)
    • Best Potential: DT Amir Pryor (Oklahoma State)

    :saints: New Orleans Saints

    • Overall: D
    • Best Pick: RB Julian Childs (Temple)
    • Best Value: CB Kenyon Porter (McNeese State)
    • Best Potential: CB Kenyon Porter (McNeese State)

    :giants: New York Giants

    • Overall: C
    • Best Pick: SS Blake Barrett (South Carolina)
    • Best Value: SS Blake Barrett (South Carolina)
    • Best Potential: OG Sebastian Dobbins (BYU)
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    Obviously, the grade is nice, but the best part is seeing Sample being viewed as our best pick when it certainly was viewed as a reach by some.  Needed secondary help/depth, and hopefully, we can coach him up to become a solid player in the back end.


    Swartz as the best value is not surprising, seeing as he was mocked in the first early in the pre-draft process and went in the 5th round.  His stock dropped, but there is talent there.  He'll be a swing tackle for us, but can ideally mature behind Mario Hill and develop into a starter.


    And then D.J. Chavis, as the pick with the highest potential is saying something when we got Barfield at #4.  That does not worry me about Barfield one bit, but really has me excited to see Chavis put that powder blue on.

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    18 hours ago, Pro Football Focus said:

    :patriots: New England Patriots

    • Overall: C+
    • Best Pick: DT Amir Pryor (Oklahoma State)
    • Best Value: ILB Dillon Hall (UCLA)
    • Best Potential: DT Amir Pryor (Oklahoma State)



    Not too bad considering we didn't have a 1st and issues we had


    If Pryor and Hall hit our front 7 is going to be fantastic for years to come

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