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Titans win Super Bowl XII

Tennessee wins its first title after a victory over Chicago.
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    Week 1 Snap Judgments


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    Pleasantly surprised with how we played against a tough GB team.  Running game could be more efficient and it would be great to get Suggs throwing down field more, but overall those are things we can fix with gameplanning and chemistry along the offense.  Suggs looked like he was hurt which is fair since he was, but I'm excited to see him when we open things up more.


    Around the league:


    fuck yea Browns

    Jags make me sad by taking Rakeem Brown

    Titans look insane. 

    NFCS was surprisingly strong

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    I know some fluky things happened in our game against WFT such as the fumble scoop and score, but it was pretty disheartening to get boat-raced like that and not establish our brand of football.


    Division-wise:  I'm getting some lol2022 vibes from this week's results (for those who don't know, the NFCW that season basically came down to whoever fell on their face the least, we literally led the division halfway through the season with a 3-5 record).  I don't know how to feel about this.

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    Feeling pretty good after week 1, especially the offense. Brian Brown shows no signs of slowing down, and even if our Run Blocking rating was kinda low, I think the run game will be in good shape soon-ish. The D really showed the growth we were hoping for, and the improved depth (excellent work, @mahrowkeen) will need to show out now with injuries (and serious decline) in the secondary. Our #1 pick was out week 1 but will be ready to go week 2...curious to see how Afamasaga does in the middle. 

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    For us it was really nice to see our Sam get off to a fast start alongside Royal.  If our offense can stay healthy and Avery can contribute as a rookie I just don't see a lot of holes there.  My bigger concerns are on defense and the defensive holes I was worried about didn't seem to show up week 1.

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    Expected some growing pains with Chacko, especially with the gameplan we ran in this one, where I felt spreading the field and taking low-percentage deep shots was the best chance at attacking the Vikings defense.


    A bit troubled to have given up over 200 yards on the ground.  But I think Minny will do that several more times this year.


    Honestly, the missed PAT is bothering me more than anything else.  Davidson used to be the league's most-accurate kicker in its history, and while he should still be in his prime, he has struggled lately.  We added a long snapper, thinking the improved timing would help, and then Davidson blows a PAT.  I don't understand the dropoff and will be watching him closely.


    Also, we gave up a punt return TD even though we have some starting-level defenders on our special teams.  So that is worrisome as well.  I thought we would be among the league's top coverage units with the talent we have.


    The good?  We won.  Stack those dubs when you can.


    Despite all the yardage, it was bend but don't break, as we forced 4 FG attempts.


    We were 3/3 scoring touchdowns in the red zone ourselves.  That is the difference in this one.

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    Choose your own adventure response




    DaeSean Woodard continues to be a beast after going a total +5 in the off-season. Zion Evans didn't give up a TD, so he's still looking sexy. We turned the ball over at the DEN 40 with just under two minutes left and still only forced a field goal, so that's a successful defensive drive in my book. Our first round pick OT and his backup LT are both green starting this week, as is our Punter and a backup DE is fully healthy, giving us 4 80+ OVR players back in the starting lineup. A.J. "struggles with being behind early" Gilchrist at least didn't allow a TD after the first two. We didn't allow a strong running game, which makes me happy.




    We just got buzzsawed by a very talented QB on the road. Combined with just trying not to give up too many turnovers, it's pretty expected to get beaten like we did against when BB is on.




    Bengals 0-17, Key's out two whole months, rookie Gilchrist got picked on early, meet the Bengals LGs - permanent worst grade or 'lost overall in camp'.


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