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The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl XI champions!

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@Jumbo and I have been working on a project that we've finally gotten some initiative to actually do. We're both huge into proper quizzing/trivia (High School and College competitions along with national stuff) and you've obviously seen our love for puzzles and such on here (the April Fools joke this year for instance along with some of the Quizzes we've shared on here).


We've created a site that we hope can help people who are into this sort of thing find a community similar to what this provides for NFL simulation.


Pax Trivia will provide or hopefully provide:


  1. On-site quizzes, weekly and monthly, ranked and unranked.
  2. On-site leagues and competitions, both in teams and individually.
  3. Live quiz events and tournaments (eventually with prize money).
  4. Weekly events such as trivia night (bar-style or tournament-style).
  5. Community puzzles, seasonal activities, and member-created trivia teasers.
  6. Geoguessr and Sporcle Tournaments


The most important thing is that this is intended to be for players of ALL SKILL LEVELS. You should be able to find something that challenges you no matter what. We've come up with an Elo system for quizzing that lets you find suitable quizzes.


If you guys are at all interested we are opening the barebones aspects of the site (mostly for testing) to people with direct invites before we post anywhere else.


Please don't feel pressured to join this but if you are interested check it out!


Pax Trivia

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1 hour ago, Dr_Novella said:

I have a dumb baby brain when it comes to trivia but this looks pretty cool all the same!


Appreciate it! Feel free to suggest whatever. We're trying to get to a point where there's tons of things to do for all skill levels.

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