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Titans win Super Bowl XII

Tennessee wins its first title after a victory over Chicago.
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    How do you feel about your team 1/4 way through the season?


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    I'm very happy with the way the season is going so far.  While there have been inconsistencies, the rookies are showing out, especially on defense.  Rookie OLBs Zachary McHale and Patrick Malone are both on 2.5 sacks.  Kingsley Jackson has 9 tackles while coming off of the bench.  Branden Valentine has 2 INTs and the defense as a whole seems a lot stouter.  The offense has definitely taken a step back, but that tends to happen when you trade a Top 10 QB.  I've been happy with the running game and the oline so far, hopefully they can keep it up.  Overall, I feel much better about this season than last.

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    Good but uneasy.  While I can't complain about the record all our wins have been pretty close, while our loss... certainly wasn't.


    I could probably also quote Nemo's post, but outside of the Marcus Williams fumbles I don't completely hate where we're at offensively.  It's not explosive, but it's grindy and gets the job done. But please Marcus, hang on to the ball!

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    We're 3-1 with a rookie QB learning a new system for us.  He was hurt at the start of the year, but he seems to be finding his groove.  Needs to work on his accuracy, but so far he seems promising and cause for optimism. 


    Defense has played incredibly well.  Some of our rotations at the start of the season seem to have helped a ton and I think we're in a good place there.


    Overall, nice to see the promise of a young offense and the stout defense.  Just have to keep Suggs confident and well stocked in the weapons department.

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    I'm extremely happy with the way our team has played. Our past 2 games we found ways to win -- scoring 14 unanswered and finding a way to win in overtime on the road. All of that with Tevin Lattimore out til at least Week 6.

    I really didn't expect to be 4-0 after Week 4 going into this season. Our defensive production has just been absolutely insane. Last year we had a total of 9 interceptions, 5 forced fumbles, and 3 recoveries. This season thru 4 weeks we've already had 7 interceptions, 4 forced fumbles, and 3 recoveries. I was so set on Blake Barrett and he looks like the DROTY to me so far.


    Offensively same thing. It just feels like everything is clicking for the team at the time being and we've found a gameplan that works with the roster we have. I really wanted to be balanced offensively and DNJ gives us the opportunity to have a consistent run game we can rely on. Lattimore going down hurt, but we're still finding ways to make it work.


    Overall, very happy. But that's been built off of years of suffering lol

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