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The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl XI champions!
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    Hello all!


    It’s been a damn long time since I’ve last been here! I’m sorry for the abrupt exit, but I had to get my life back in order and sort a lot of things out for myself.  But I’m back after all this time, with all of that sorted out, and it’s so good to see all of you again!


    To start off, I’d like to reveal the organizational hierarchy for this takeover. I’m taking over as Owner and for the time being will also serve as the team’s Head Coach, as well as helping oversee the financial side of the club. I will not be alone however! Taking over as General Manager will be @Bruno! This is something that we’ve agreed upon and we are both looking forward to leading the Cincinnati Bengals towards a new beginning and a brighter future. We’re very excited for this opportunity and are ready to get started right away!


    We’ll now be taking questions!


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    Congrats to you both.  And to all of us as well.


    The site is better with Causter involved.  I really doubt I would have gotten hooked in my early days on the site without Causter's Gameday videos.  (so you all have him to blame for my presence)  One of my favorite people on the site, even though we're not all that close.  So happy to have you back.


    And to Bruno, my first Scout here with the Chargers.  My Brazilian brother from another mother.  The amount of conversation we had back then brought us together.  I'm glad to see you back and involved again.

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