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Titans win Super Bowl XII

Tennessee wins its first title after a victory over Chicago.
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    Underrated Players


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    :seahawks: OT John Eaton is underrated due to being a OL, we don’t talk about them much but he’s the anchor of Seattles stellar rushing attack. 

    :jets: P John Maslowski is probably the GOAT punter for me, and that’s hard to say after having Steve Noonan on my team for the last 5 seasons. Jets are the only team to be top 5 in punting average every year 2023-present, which means he hasn’t fallen off at all. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Maslowski punt for another 5-10 seasons either

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    On 12/10/2021 at 4:29 PM, acewulf said:

    Geno Harris seems to fit this mold pretty well.  The manner of the Pats getting him is always more noted than him as a player.  He's a solid #1 for them.


    I think he gets forgotten due to the QB play in NE before Leshoure.


    He's also posting a career high in YPG as of right now of 80+. 

    I fucking loved Geno Harris that draft.  We were looking at him ourselves.

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    2 guys I felt like didnt get the respect they deserved being on really bad Texans teams were Leshoure and White. We have struggled to get any meaningful defensive help for years and for a multitude of reasons our plans continually fell though.


    But those two were constantly putting up insane numbers together put couldnt drag a team to victory by themselves. Considering how abysmal our offense has been in 2025 really shows how good Leshoure was. Sure he had one or two games a year where he might play really poorly but he was the reason we won significantly more games for us than games he was the reason we lost (and we didnt have many wins). White similarly has shown how good he still can be in joining the Jets the last 4 week and instantly making a difference for them.


    My only regret of the entire thing is how improved our defense has been in 2025 really makes me wonder if we let Leshoure move on one season too soon. I still think the full rebuild was the right move for us (especially without the hindsight of our draft successes), but if we had been able to put this defense on the field the last 3 seasons I think we make the playoffs at least once.

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