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Titans win Super Bowl XII

Tennessee wins its first title after a victory over Chicago.
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    [2026] Pro Day Guidelines


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    As each school is posted please use the following as your key:

    • HT = Hand-Time; built in random error. Combine times are more indicative of true speed, acceleration, and agility values.
    • OMIT = Player chose not to participate in this skill challenge.
    • Stats include conference championship games but not bowl games.
    • New Pro Day Grade Scale
      • The scale was redone to accomodate the larger amount of lower players and make the grades more useable.
        • Game Tape (-10-+10)
          • -10: Well below average game tape amongst peers
          • -5: Below average game tape amongst peers
          • 0: Average game tape amongst peers
          • +5: Above average game tape amongst peers
          • +10: Well above average game tape amongst peers
        • Scouting (1.0-5.0)
          • 1: College player with no potential (1.0 is lowest possible game tape grade)
          • 2: College player with some potential
          • 3: College player with development pro potential
          • 4: College player with NFL potential
          • 5: College player with NFL Hall of Fame potential (5.0 is best possible game tape grade)
        • Readiness (-10-+10)
          • -10: Not ready and unlikely to be ready in the near future
          • -5: Not ready but can be ready sooner depending on coaching or development
          • 0: Average level of preparedness, can play but will have common rookie struggles
          • +5: Ready and will have fewer rookie hiccoughs.
          • +10: Perfectly prepared for the pro game and likely prone to very very few rookie hiccoughs.
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