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Titans win Super Bowl XII

Tennessee wins its first title after a victory over Chicago.
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    Resolution No. 5: Team Dynamics


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    Idea: going forward team dynamics will be summarized on this sheet instead of in a variety of individual threads (or not at all for some categories) so teams can more easily identify issues within their organization.


    Values range from -5 to +5.



    • Team Chemistry: Collective mental state of the team and how much the players boost each other from being together. Naturally lower for a team with high turnover. Can make up for lacking skill in a team with high experience.
    • Franchise Atmosphere: Net feeling of players about how the team is performing. Negative locker room players will play worse with a negative atmosphere and better with a positive one. This also determines what the fans think is an acceptable record in training camp of the new season.
    • Leadership Support: How likely players are to find players to look towards or support their ambitions on the team. Also represents how much knowledge is passed from coach to player through other players. Players coaching other players reduces the time for new players to learn the playbook. Players with the "C" tag are the majority source of this benefit.
    • Coaching Support: How much the players support their head coach and his impact on the team.


    Basically all of these are already tied in but there's no easy way to see them currently. I will add the below listed page to the combined sheets document and keep it updated. I hope this might be helpful in combination with Resolution No. 4.




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    All good from my end if approved.


    Please declare 0-10 of your available influence as Yay, Nay, or Abstain. Please tag the next in order.


    Current Voting Totals (2/3 majority required):

    Yay: 11 (0.0% of votes)

    Nay: 0 (0.0% of votes)




    Current Status: Passed


    1. Kansas City Chiefs
    2. Miami Dolphins
    3. Cincinnati Bengals
    4. Green Bay Packers
    5. Atlanta Falcons
    6. Washington Commanders
    7. Baltimore Ravens
    8. Las Vegas Raiders
    9. New Orleans Saints
    10. Buffalo Bills
    11. San Diego Chargers
    12. New York Giants
    13. San Francisco 49ers
    14. Dallas Cowboys
    15. Minnesota Vikings
    16. Tennessee Titans
    17. Philadelphia Eagles
    18. Chicago Bears
    19. New England Patriots
    20. Houston Texans
    21. Detroit Lions
    22. Arizona Cardinals
    23. Jacksonville Jaguars
    24. Indianapolis Colts
    25. Los Angeles Rams
    26. Denver Broncos
    27. Seattle Seahawks
    28. Pittsburgh Steelers
    29. Carolina Panthers
    30. Cleveland Browns
    31. Tampa Bay Bucs
    32. New York Jets
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