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Man of the Hour

The Bills make Purdue Quarterback Matt Jones their first overall pick.

A New Hope

The Atlanta Falcons have drafted Utah quarterback Donald Culver to compete with A.J. Jefferson.

Jumping Up

Tre Dikes, cornerback from Oregon, completes his massive pre-draft climb and is selected by the Redskins in the first round.
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    [2016] Week #4 - MNF

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    Miami Dolphins (2-1) at Oakland Raiders (2-1)

    Miami Dolphins (2-1) at Oakland Raiders (2-1)

    Oakland, CA - 58 F and Sunny

    First Quarter

    • Justin Davis, INT return for -6 yards - 2:47 (MIA)

    Second Quarter

    • Ben Morrison, 31 yd FG - 13:26 (3-0) (MIA)
    • Justin Buchanan, 4 yd TD run - 7:26 (3-7) (OAK)
    • Brian Brown to Rodney Montgomery, 34 yd TD pass - 1:55 (10-7) (MIA)

    Third Quarter

    • Brian Brown to Derek Harrison, 11 yd TD pass - 12:00 (17-7) (MIA)
    • Justin Buchanan, 4 yd TD run - 2:56 (17-14) (OAK)

    Fourth Quarter

    • Nathan Vazquez, 24 yd FG - 8:14 (17-17) (OAK)
    • Gregg Martin, fumble recovery - 1:56 (OAK)


    • Nick Hall to Brian Gary, 18 yd TD pass - 9:47 (17-23) (OAK)

    FINAL SCORE: (2-2) Miami 17-23 Oakland (3-1)

    Offensive Line Ratings: 8.4 - 8.4

    Punting Average: 41.5 - 44.3





    Brian Brown, MIA, 18 of 30 for 258 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT

    Nick Hall, OAK, 14 of 20 for 159 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT



    Justin Buchanan, OAK, 20 for 106 yards, 2 TD

    James Otero, MIA, 13 for 55 yards, 0 TD, 1 FUM



    Rodney Montgomery, MIA, 5 for 83 yards, 1 TD

    Riddick Smith, MIA, 4 for 74 yards, 0 TD

    Mike Tripplett, OAK, 4 for 68 yards, 0 TD

    Derek Harrison, MIA, 4 for 64 yards, 1 TD

    Brian Gary, OAK, 3 for 39 yards, 1 TD

    Marvin White, OAK, 1 for 33 yards, 0 TD



    Justin Davis, MIA, 1 INT, 3 Tackles

    Gregg Martin, OAK, 1 FF, 1 FR, 5 Tackles

    Donnie Bavaro, OAK, 8 Tackles

    Kevin Harris, MIA, 8 Tackles

    Josh Wilson, MIA, 6 Tackles

    Jim Milloy, OAK, 5 Tackles





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    Instead of "lets give both teams offensive and defensive units equal chances to win the game or lose it" its "lets just play a slightly modified version of first team to score wins meaning OT could be ended with one teams offense and the others defense never taking the field"

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    No, I mean why would we use college rules for NFLHC when the actual NFL doesn't use those rules?


    Because have we ever followed IRL rules for everything?  We expanded our CFB playoffs well before the real NCAA will.   I fully expect ot rules in the NFL to get overhauled at some point so we can just go ahead and do ours how we want

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