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Free Agency: Finding a New Home

Thomas Wheeler, Eddie McFadden, and Ron Rice are just some of the names looking for a new house to defend when NFL free agency begins next week.
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  • Week #15: Virginia (10-0) at Louisville (7-4)
  • Oklahoma State (7-3) at TCU (6-4)
  • LSU (9-1) at Mississippi State (7-3)
  • Missouri (6-4) at Georgia (7-3)
  • Alabama (8-2) at Notre Dame (8-3)

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  2. [2020] Week 14 B1G Players of the Week

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  3. OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK WR Tyler White, Penn State (7 catches for 108 yards, 2 TD vs #6 Michigan) Honorable mentions: QB Kyle Davidson, Michigan State (24 of 37 for 289 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT vs Ohio State); QB Sean Connell, Nebraska (22 of 35 for 289 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT vs Miami(FL)) DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK DE Jamal Patton, Purdue (1 sack, 1 FF, 1 FR, 6 tackles vs Iowa) Honorable mentions: FS Aaden Boston, Michigan (1 INT, 7 tackles vs #3 Penn State); OLB Phillip McNally, Iowa (1 sack, 8 tackles vs #1 Purdue) SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYER OF THE WEEK WR Adrian Cherry, Iowa (209 all-purpose yards, punt return TD vs #1 Purdue) Honorable mentions: K A.K. McGowan, Penn State (3/3 FG made from 58,40,30 yards vs #6 Michigan); P Simon Hayward, Michigan (48.3 punting average vs #3 Penn State)
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  6. All stats compiled in the Big XII Conference All-Time Statbook here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rk7kfHNP-WUm6I7s1c-9HvTieVzlhCasfYfXazA6mFk/ 2020 Season Leaders Passing Yards Mohammed Foster, WVU, 3265 yards Chester Brenner, OKST, 2864 yards Kyler Tackett, TEX, 2423 yards Passing Touchdowns Chester Brenner, OKST, 29 TD Mohammed Foster, WVU, 27 TD Christian Graham, KAN, 20 TD Passer Rating Mohammed Foster, WVU, 178.12 rating Chester Brenner, OKST, 155.01 rating Kyler Tackett, TEX, 147.62 rating Completion Percentage Mohammed Foster, WVU, 70.48% Chester Brenner, OKST, 67.04% Kyler Tackett, TEX, 64.92% Yards Per Attempt Mohammed Foster, WVU, 9.83 YPA Chester Brenner, OKST, 8.07 YPA Kyler Tackett, TEX, 7.94 YPA Interceptions (Most) Rahim Murrell, KSST, 16 INT August Blank, ISU, 14 INT Christian Graham, KAN, 13 INT Interceptions (Fewest) Chase Shapiro, TTU, 1 INT Mohammed Foster, WVU, 3 INT Eric Pope, OKLA, 6 INT Rushing Yards Solomon McLaughlin, TTU, 1475 yards Maurice White, OKLA, 1299 yards Simeon Wells, TEX, 1121 yards Rushing Touchdowns Solomon McLaughlin, TTU, 23 TD Maurice White, OKLA, 15 TD Simeon Wells, TEX, 14 TD Yards Per Carry Mohammed Foster (QB), WVU, 7.44 YPC Marcus Swartz (QB), BAY, 6.51 YPC Eric Pope (QB), OKLA, 6.20 YPC Maurice White (RB), OKLA, 5.00 YPC Solomon McLaughlin (RB), TTU, 4.79 YPC Mohamed Mustafa (RB), WVU, 4.76 YPC Receptions J.C. Weldon, WVU, 76 receptions Hastin Rider (TE), BAY, 62 receptions Lamont Wilder, BAY, 57 receptions Receiving Yards J.C. Weldon, WVU, 1202 yards Hastin Rider (TE), BAY, 821 yards Lamont Wilder, BAY, 791 yards Yards Per Reception (min. 20 receptions) J.C. Weldon, WVU, 15.82 YPR Christopher Vinson (TE), OKST, 15.40 YPR Abdoul Causey, WR, 14.74 YPR Receiving Touchdowns (T-1) Xavier Gant, OKST, 12 TD (T-1) Malcolm Davis, KAN, 12 TD (T-1) J.C. Weldon, WVU, 12 TD Tackles Amadou Weston (ILB), ISU, 52 tackles Albert Wyatt (ILB), KSST, 51 tackles Theo Ricci (ILB), OKLA, 49 tackles Sacks Jamari Callahan (DE), KAN, 7.5 sacks Messiah Bernard (DE), WVU, 6.0 sacks Arturo Feliciano (DE), TTU, 5.5 sacks Interceptions (T-1) Kyle Cunningham (CB), BAY, 5 INT (T-1) Bradley Spurlock (CB), KAN, 5 INT (T-1) Lamont Carson (CB), WVU, 5 INT Field Goals Made (T-1) Louis Dwyer, OKLA, 21 FGM (T-1) Ralph Hinson, OKST, 21 FGM (T-1) Eddie Heredia, TTU, 21 FGM Field Goal Percentage (T-1) Louis Dwyer, OKLA, 95.45% FG% (T-1) Ralph Hinson, OKST, 95.45% FG% Felipe Munoz, WVU, 95.24% FG% Field Goals Made from 40+ Yards (T-1) Joel Hawley, KAN, 10 FG40 (T-1) Felipe Munoz, WVU, 10 FG40 (T-3) William Finn, TCU, 9 FG40 (T-3) Will Ladd, TEX, 9 FG40 Offensive Line Rating West Virginia, 6.56 rating (T-2) TCU, 6.33 rating (T-2) Texas Tech, 6.33 rating Punting Average Aden Evans, KAN, 43.99 yards Andrew Trimble, TCU, 42.79 yards Mordechai Marino, TEX, 41.01 yards 2020 Single-Game Leaders Passing Yards (T-1) Chester Brenner, OKST, 401 yards vs. Kansas State week 13 (T-1) Mohammed Foster, WVU, 401 yards vs. Iowa State week 14 Mohammed Foster, WVU, 385 yards vs. Oklahoma week 7 Passing Touchdowns (T-1) Chester Brenner, OKST, 5 TD vs. Western Kentucky week 1 (T-1) Chester Brenner, OKST, 5 TD vs. Marshall week 3 Seven players tied, 4 TD Passer Rating Christian Graham, KAN, 219.86 rating vs. Oklahoma week 14 Christian Graham, KAN, 217.24 rating vs. Iowa State week 5 Kyler Tackett, TEX, 217.04 rating vs. Iowa State week 11 Completion Percentage Kyler Tackett, TEX, 80.0% vs. Iowa State week 11 (T-2) Christian Graham, KAN, 77.27% vs. Iowa State week 5 (T-2) Chester Brenner, OKST, 77.27% vs. Texas week 9 Yards Per Attempt Christian Graham, KAN, 13.09 YPA vs. Iowa State week 5 Christian Graham, KAN, 11.72 YPA vs. Oklahoma week 14 Mohammed Foster, WVU, 11.67 YPA vs. Oklahoma week 7 Interceptions (Most) (T-1) Peter Edge, ISU, 3 INT vs. Kansas week 5 (T-1) August Blank, ISU, 3 INT vs. Oklahoma State week 7 (T-1) Oscar Strange, ISU, 3 INT vs. Texas week 11 (T-1) Christian Graham, KAN, 3 INT vs. Oklahoma State week 8 Rushing Yards Solomon McLaughlin, TTU, 202 yards vs. Iowa State week 13 Maurice White, OKLA, 170 yards vs. Kansas State week 12 Maurice White, OKLA, 166 yards vs. Texas Tech week 4 Rushing Touchdowns Solomon McLaughlin, TTU, 4 TD vs. Iowa State week 13 (T-2) Rod Fulton, KAN, 3 TD vs. Oklahoma State week 8 (T-2) Maurice White, OKLA, 3 TD vs. Kansas week 14 (T-2) Solomon McLaughlin, TTU, 3 TD vs. North Carolina week 1 (T-2) Solomon McLaughlin, TTU, 3 TD vs. Oklahoma State week 6 Yards Per Carry Mohammed Foster, WVU, 10.67 YPC vs. Oklahoma week 7 Marcus Swartz, BAY, 10.13 YPC vs. Iowa State week 6 Mohammed Foster, WVU, 9.57 YPC vs. Texas week 6 Receptions J.C. Weldon, WVU, 12 receptions vs. Kansas week 11 (T-2) Malcolm Davis, KAN, 11 receptions vs. Rice week 2 (T-2) Jason Dupree (TE), WVU, 11 receptions vs. Iowa State week 14 Receiving Yards J.C. Weldon, WVU, 219 yards vs. Kansas week 11 J.C. Weldon, WVU, 180 yards vs. Oklahoma week 7 Jason Dupree (TE), WVU, 171 yards vs. Iowa State week 14 Yards Per Reception (min. 5 receptions) Noah Hills (TE), KAN, 23.4 YPR vs. Iowa State week 5 Christopher Vinson (TE), OKST, 22.2 YPR vs. Kansas State week 13 Devon Tillman, KSST, 20.6 YPR vs. Central Michigan week 3 Receiving Touchdowns (T-1) Xavier Gant, OKST, 3 TD vs. West Virginia week 12 (T-1) J.C. Weldon, WVU, 3 TD vs. Kansas week 11 Fourteen players tied, 2 TD Tackles Eight players tied, 9 tackles Sacks Roberto Benavides (DE), TTU, 2.5 sacks vs. North Carolina week 1 (T-2) Maxim Hillman (OLB), BAY, 2.0 sacks vs. Arkansas week 2 (T-2) Jamari Callahan (DE), KAN, 2.0 sacks vs. Oklahoma State week 8 (T-2) Albert Duke (DT), KAN, 2.0 sacks vs. Oklahoma State week 8 (T-2) Matthew Mayfield (DE), KSST, 2.0 sacks vs. Oklahoma State week 13 (T-2) Hudson Adam (DT), WVU, 2.0 sacks vs. Arkansas week 4 Interceptions Damani Jeffries (CB), TEX, 2 INT Literally a 99-way tie, 1 INT Field Goals Made Felipe Munoz, WVU, 4 FGM vs. Pittsburgh week 2 Daniel Craft, ISU, 4 FGM vs. New Mexico week 3 Felipe Munoz, WVU, 4 FGM vs. Penn State week 3 Ralph Hinson, OKST, 4 FGM vs. Texas week 9 Louis Dwyer, OKLA, 4 FGM vs. TCU week 11 Frank Carney, KSST, 4 FGM vs. Oklahoma week 12 Offensive Line Rating Kansas, 7.6 rating vs. Rice week 2 West Virginia, 7.1 rating vs. Kansas State week 10 (T-3) West Virginia, 7.0 rating vs. Kansas week 11 (T-3) West Virginia, 7.0 rating vs. Iowa State week 14 Punting Average Aden Evans, KAN, 48.5 yards vs. Oklahoma week 14 Aden Evans, KAN, 47.2 yards vs. Oklahoma State week 8 Aden Evans, KAN, 46.3 yards vs. Texas Tech week 9
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  8. ECU Prepares to Celebrate 90th Game A Look Back as the Sixth Season Ends Week 16 Against Temple FR Leon Burris WR 41 catches, 444 yards, 6 TD on the season. East Carolina will play no games this week as they head into their final bye. The players and coordinators are focus on the final game of the regular season, while the Headcoach in his first full season, looks to the recruiting trail. He hopes to finish off regular recruiting with a bang, as JuCo transfers begin. A splash in the JuCo Transfer would be huge for a program currently rebuilding. With lots of players incoming, many will have to start who are Freshmen or Sophomores. A Couple older players who have had more time to develop their skills would be big. It would allow some of the younger guys to grow and get a chance to adjust to the College level. But fans and players are not yet concerned with the outcome of recruiting. For now they are looking for wins. Week 16 will see a big game in Greenville for not only ECU, but for Temple as well. Both teams sit at 7-4 and will not have a slight chance at the AAC Championship game. But a win would mean a better bowl for both teams, as well as help with recruiting. For Pirate player and fans, this game is also special for another reason. This game will also be the 90th game, counting conference championships and bowl games. A Win here will make the Pirates .500 in career win losses. Despite having only 2 losing seasons, the two years they went 2-10 really hurt their overall average. Current the Pirates are 44-45 since coming into the CFBHC in 2014. The Pirates have played at this level for six seasons now, and we have seen some miracles. Miracles like their victory over the then 7th ranked Ole' Miss Rebels 17-14. Or when they beat 15th ranked Kansas 38-35 in 2019. Coach Weeze first Career Victory I might add. Or When the Pirate Offense showed out in 2015 and beat UCONN 63-7. But we've also seen heartbreak. Not to mention the back to back 2-10 seasons in '16 and '17 again, but twice the Pirates have made it to the Conference championship game only to lose it. Two very large bowl losses are still in some fans mind from 2015 and 2018. We have a lot to be happy about, and a lot to be sad about. We've spent a lot of time this season, complaining and talking about the negative things that have happened this year. We've spent very little talking about the positive things that are happening, or the record breaking performances that have occurred on both sides of the ball. And we don't mean players like Eli Tuitama. Every time he gets the ball, he is adding to his well known school rushing records here at ECU. We are talking about players who might not be as well known to the conference or the fans. Players like Leon Burris who essentially created every single true freshman receiving records. in a couple years when he is a senior, he may very well have a few other records to tag along to his name. With the Pirates on a bye, and since we've been traveling down nostalgia lane anyway, we thought we would take a look at the many record breakers who have played this season. While we realize that these are not eye popping numbers that the bigger schools see on a regular bases. The fact that many of these records have been created or made in the last couple seasons show just how up and up this team could be getting. With a few more good recruiting seasons under his belt, Coach Weeze could very well be going neck and neck with Conference heavy weights Like Temple, UCF and SMU. Offense QB Liam Carver 640 Completions of 1059 Attempts, 7,632Yds, 58TD, 21 INT,135.08 QBR, 153 rushes, 821Yds, 8TD 5.37YPC as of game 11. While we said we weren't going to talk about obvious play makers who are the best in school history, we here at the East Carolinian feel it would be a shame and a mistake not to mention the season Liam Carver is currently having all things considered. When we looked at the roster at the start of the season, we felt if the Pirates couldn't run the ball, they weren't gonna be able to win. Well the coaching Staffed laughed and proved us wrong. While he has only had two 300 yard games, short of an offensive breakdown, he should break his record of 3019 passing yards. As for touchdown passes, carver is 6 short of matching his career total. Currently he is at 26 touchdown passes. He has found ways to make plays, and win games. Admittingly he did have a bit of a rough start, but he has found his way this season, including tying a school record for most touchdown passes in a game against Memphis last week. Add the two rushing touchdowns he had in that game, he really did break the record for being responsible for touchdowns in a game. While he will be playing in a bowl game (the first Quarterback in ECU history to play in 3 by the way), Temple will be his last test this season to really show how good he can be playing in front of his home crowd. If he can keep turnovers to a minimum, and perhaps throw for another 300 yards or so with a few touchdowns, we should be celebrating another victory. Pirates have a habit of winning games people don't think they can. Hopefully this will be another one to add to that list. We know all about Eli Tuitama. Even though he is having a down season by his standard, the man with every carry is adding yards to record. Currently it stands at 3,376 yards off of 726 attempts, with 44 rushing touchdowns. Again some bigger schools may sneer at this and say it isn't all that impressive, considering he was brought here as a fullback, and plays in the "harder" part of the AAC, he has had a very decent career and easily one of the best rushers in school history. WR Patrick Cornett 145 Receptions 2,076 Receiving Yards, 17 Touchdowns, 14.32 YPC on career. Wide Receiver Leon Burris is someone who we mentioned earlier. The True Freshman has been somewhat of a surprise to many fans, and dare we say coaches. The Young man came in with the hard reality of having to start right away and being a strong receiver in the slot. We expected maybe a handful of receptions, with a couple touchdowns, and if we were lucky, a few hundred yards receiving. Instead we got a kid who is 9 catches short of the leading receiver last season. His 6 touchdowns ties the leader last season in touchdown receptions. While his 444 receiving yards aren't all that impressive, for a true 3* freshman who wasn't expected to make even that much, there is some hype that as he grows, he will get even better. With 5* future QB throwing to him in a few years, we are hoping he will get his chance to really explode. But for now, Burris has set the standard for incoming Freshman WR. But when we think of Wide Receivers here at ECU, it isn't Leon Burris we think of. At least not right away. Who we think of around here is Patrick Cornett. This young man has set just about every receiving record, career or single season, that you can think of for ECU. This season alone, he has not only matched his career touchdown totals, he has exceeded it. He is already over his last year total by close to a 100 yards and there is still a game left in the regular season. With a game left he has also reached the single season record of receptions and exceeded it. You might be thinking, well they've thrown it more. ECU is still over 40 attempts away from what was attempted last season. I'm sure eventually, between their last two games, they will have more attempts than last season, but as of right now, no. Only one person in their career has a better YPC average than Mr. Cornett. Benjamin Carter, a TE who played during the 2015 and 2016 seasons has a higher YPC at 15.31 on 59 receptions. Carter was also the career leader on touchdown receptions until Cornett came along. ECU has a nice history of spreading the ball around, and getting a lot of people involved in the passing game. But when you look at his numbers over the years, and where he was placed in the depthchart, it is very apparent this young man created plays. Now that he is getting more touches, he is creating more and showing off just how good he is. I'm sure his coaches regret not starting him sooner. For example, Last season despite his yardage, he only had three touchdowns. This season, he already has nine. If he can win the match ups against Temple's secondary, look for him to have his fourth consecutive 100 yard game this season since his switch to the number 1 receiver. He is a play maker and Carver would be smart to take advantage of it. Defense DE Isiah Townsend 23 Tackles, 5.5 Sacks, 1 FF Defense is in an interesting transition. Coach Weeze claims he is big on playing strong defense. When you look at the AAC however, its more offensive oriented than defense. USF obviously is very good at creating plays, UCF and Denorris Jackson, Temple and Jordan North, SMU has a good history of offensive players. While ECU has had decent offensive players, when you compare them to some of the other schools and their players, they don't really match up. However, ECU has had some very good defensive players(for their conference). Particularly in recent years. Jasiah Francis, Ashton Best, Devin Llyod, Seastian Chaney, Alex Hogue. While these aren't huge national names that the country knows about, these are names that fans of ECU know by heart. Strong players who helped ECU come out of the 2-10 hole they had dug. Despite the many losses on defense, particularly the secondary, we have seen improvements in other areas on defense. Sacks for instance. Pass rush is not something that ECU has a great history of. All of the names mentioned above, where secondary players. Guys who forced turnovers and went after the ball. Infact, all last season the Pirates only managed 6.5 sacks on the entire season. Three of those came from the same person. This season we have seen a lot more. We've seen more pressure on the QB. Which is exactly what the coach wants. This brings us to our first player. Sophomore DE Isiah Townsend. Now we are cheating a little here. While he hasn't broken a record yet, he is the first player to get close to the 7 sacks in a season set in 2014 by Alfred Robinson. If he can resister two more, he will surpass that. The Sophomore didn't register any stats last season, sitting mostly on the bench. This season however he was asked to be the starting Weakside DE. In only 6 games, he has registered 23 tackles, 5.5 sacks, and a forced fumble. He's been such a breakout player that we went ahead and gave him credit. Devin Lloyd, the Senior FS, has been a lights out player ever since he made his debut his sophomore season. He has quietly broken several records for ECU. This season, he has broken and set the Interception record for a career, he has also broken the all time record for tackles. He currently stands at 102 tackles. Sebastian Chaney, a former ILB (the second best ILB in School history), fell one tackle short of breaking the record last season at 100. He failed to break the record that was held by perhaps the best ILB in School history, Sean Gomez, who played during the 2015, 2016 seasons. Lloyd is a hard hitter, and a powerful player who is a clear leader in the locker room. He is also, with out a doubt, the best Safety in school history. Former SS Ashton Best might be worth being thrown into the mix, but in this writers eyes, Devin Lloyd is a clear cut above him. Special Teams K Patrick Gaffney 86 XP, 28/36 FG, Longest 45Yds A side of football many fans, reporters, and even coaches forget about sometimes is special teams. Special teams isn't a wow factor at ECU. Even though they do have a small history of good kickers. Robbie Fitzpatrick and W.K. Coffman are two kickers who played for ECU who eventually found their way to the NFL. The two of them however failed to do something that Current kicker, Patrick Gaffney, managed to do. 86 straight extra points with out a miss. In two seasons, Gaffney did what took Fitzpatrick three seasons to do, and he didn't miss. While he is still behind in the amount of field goals, he still has another season to surpass that. Assuming ECU makes it to another Bowl game next season, Gaffney will also will have played in more games than any other Kicker. A small record but still something he could add to his name later in life looking back. And there we are. A look back at some great players this season. Some have had wonderful careers, others have started out their careers with a great season. Again, as we said before we know compared to some other schools, these stats may seem weak or average. But we are a small school. A school that is on the rise. We feel the Pirates are on there way back to being a true relevant team in the AAC. They've had a great recruiting season so far, and shown they can still win games with a poor roster. As they continue to improve, and build a roster that hasn't seen great incoming talents for a few seasons, we hope to see more broken records, more mind blowing plays, and stars that the fans can cheer on. For this school, its been a fun 6 years. 89 Games have been played. Temple will be the 90th game played and hopefully the 45th win in school history. Hopefully sometime soon, we can be talking about the Dynasty that Coach Weeze has built here in Greenville. The many Conference championships he help win. Until then, we can't wait to see what lies ahead. All we really know is that we will be Cheering on our Pirates.
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  14. You will now have the option to structure the guaranteed money for 1st round picks that sign their rookie contract. Immediately following the draft, a thread will be posted where you post the structure you wish to use. Rookies that feel like they have been slighted may hold out for a bigger check. Additionally, Rookie contracts now have varying guaranteed amounts (TOTAL CONTRACT NUMBERS NOT CHANGED): Old: 1st Overall Pick: 4 years, 24 million + 5th year option 2nd - 5th Overall Pick: 4 years, 22 million + 5th year option 6th - 10th Overall Pick: 4 years, 18 million + 5th year option 11th - 16th Overall Pick: 4 years, 16 million + 5th year option 17th - 32nd Overall Pick: 4 years, 14 million + 5th year option 2nd Round Pick: 4 years, 9 million 3rd Round Pick: 4 years, 7 million 4th Round Pick: 4 years, 4 million - 25% GUARANTEED 5th Round Pick: 4 years, 3 million - NON GUARANTEED 6th Round Pick: 4 years, 2 million - NON GUARANTEED 7th Round Pick: 4 years, 2 million - NON GUARANTEED New: 1st rounders - Custom guaranteed structure 2nd Round Pick: 4 years // 9.0 million // 50.00% Guaranteed G//1.75//1.5//1.0//0.25//Total:4.5 $//0.5//0.75//1.25//2.0//Total:4.5 Total//2.25//2.25//2.25//2.25//Total:9.0 3rd Round Pick: 4 years // 7.0 million // 42.86% Guaranteed G//1.25//1.0//0.5//0.25//Total:3.0 $//0.5//0.75//1.25//1.5//Total:4.0 Total//1.75//1.75//1.75//1.75//Total:7.0 4th Round Pick: 4 years // 4.0 million // 25.00% Guaranteed G//0.5//0.5//0.0//0.0//Total:1.0 $//0.5//0.5//1.0//1.0//Total:3.0 Total//1.0//1.0//1.0//1.0//Total:4.0 5th Round Pick: 4 years // 3.0 million // 0.00% Guaranteed G//0.0//0.0//0.0//0.0//Total:0.0 $//0.75//0.75//0.75//0.75//Total:3.0 Total//0.75//0.75//0.75//0.75//Total:3.0 6th & 7th Round Pick: 4 years // 2.0 million // 0.00% Guaranteed G//0.0//0.0//0.0//0.0//Total:0.0 $//0.5//0.5//0.5//0.5//Total:2.0 Total//0.5//0.5//0.5//0.5//Total:2.0 Please update your cap sheets to reflect these changes.
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  16. Two rallies and two routs defined the week that was in the nation's most exciting conference. West Virginia had no trouble torching Iowa State and Texas Tech used a strong third quarter and an impregnable defense to put Kansas State away. But the two games that have had a history of producing instant classics lived up to that history: Kansas rallied from 31-20 down at the half to stun Oklahoma on the road in Christian Graham's best game yet, and Texas nearly erased a 27-10 halftime deficit only to be turned back in the fourth quarter by TCU. Those descriptions hardly do this week justice, so let's talk about the games. Thursday Night Kansas 48, Oklahoma 41 Kansas takeaways: They couldn't hold off Oklahoma's devastating rushing attack. They couldn't keep the Sooners off the scoreboard in the first half, falling behind 31-20 by halftime. At the intermission, it looked like Kansas was headed squarely for a third straight loss and a 4-6 record. What followed was the best and most important half that Kansas has played all season. Christian Graham had a coming-out party, setting career highs with 22 completions (on 29 attempts), 340 yards, 4 touchdowns, and a 219.9 passer rating. Graham is the first freshman quarterback in Big XII history to throw for 300 yards and 4 touchdowns with a passer rating of 200 or higher in a single game--this is the 20th such game in conference history. Rod Fulton found room to run, adding 133 yards and a touchdown on the ground. And while the defense didn't play a game that one might call "good" (see: 41 points allowed), they did come up with a couple of crucial plays in big spots. Jamari Callahan's strip-sack of Eric Pope was recovered by Amir Ransom for a touchdown, and Kameron Reaves jarred one loose from Maurice White that Caleb Whitmore jumped on immediately to forestall a potential game-tying drive. Kansas outscored Oklahoma 28-10 in the second half to execute their largest second-half comeback in 6 years. Somehow, some way, they're still alive. Oklahoma takeaways: When you rush for 154 yards and 4 touchdowns, sack the opposing quarterback 4 times, convert on half your third-down scenarios (plus a fourth down), take a double-digit halftime lead, and score 41 points for the game, that's a winning formula in almost all cases. And yet, Oklahoma came out of this one on the wrong end because the defense couldn't hold back the floodwaters quite long enough. After giving up an average of 20.75 points per game over their past four, Oklahoma yielded 20 in the first half alone--and then 28 in the second. Chances are, though, that it's a blip on the radar considering that the Sooners' defensive improvement has lasted long enough and come against enough of a variety of opponents to look convincing and real. It's not a good sign going forward, though: they still have Oklahoma State on the calendar, and that kind of passing performance from turncoat Chester Brenner would put Oklahoma in a nearly unwinnable situation. The bottom line: Kansas-Oklahoma never fails to disappoint, and this was one of the best installments in the series to date. But part of the draw for this game was the fact that it had such huge potential to make an impact on both teams' postseason bids. With Kansas and Oklahoma both at 4-5 and yet both still in contention for the second seed in the Big XII Championship Game, the winner was due for a huge boost and the loser due for a huge setback no matter the result. Turns out Kansas earned the right to take that step forward, and they'll have two shots to win one game for a bowl bid. (If they beat Texas on Saturday afternoon, they'll also be hoping Oklahoma State can take down TCU to bolster their title game hopes.) Oklahoma, though, falls to 4-6 and sees their 4-game winning streak/rise from the dead snapped. They'll have time to regroup--Iowa State's next on the schedule, after all--but they then face a must-win game against rival Oklahoma State. If Oklahoma comes into that game needing that win for bowl eligibility and Oklahoma State needs one win for a conference title game bid, expect Bedlam to be the most vicious one yet. Saturday Morning #11 West Virginia 55, Iowa State 11 West Virginia takeaways: This got about as out-of-hand as predicted, and it did so about as quickly as predicted. It was 14-0 after one and 21-3 at the half. Earning a 21-3 lead is always playing with fire, but the Mountaineers stepped on the gas with a 21-0 third quarter and just rolled from there. Mohammed Foster had yet another incredible game, throwing for a season-high 401 yards to go with 3 passing touchdowns and a rushing score. Tight end Jason Dupree had a career-best day across the board: 11 receptions for 171 yards and 2 touchdowns. J.C. Weldon "settled" for an 8-106-1 line. Mohamed Mustafa had another 100-yard rushing day, scoring twice in the process. The defense was oppressive outside of a late touchdown drive and two-point conversion for Iowa State that didn't even get them to cover the spread. After showing a couple cracks in the armor against Oklahoma State, it was good for the Mountaineers to get back out and be their dominant selves again. Iowa State takeaways: August Blank threw a touchdown pass and converted the two-point try. Paul Bryant had 9 tackles. The Cyclone players and fans got some fresh air on a sunny 50-degree day and got to experience a taste of Appalachia. Those who were there in person or in spirit are commendable for sticking with their team through this 9-game losing streak; those who didn't watch are commended for taking good care of their livers. The bottom line: West Virginia has clinched a berth in the Big XII Championship Game, their second in program history and their first since the Richmond King-Todd Sykes-Rob Evans crew of 2017 that rose as high as #2 in the country. They're on an 8-game winning streak, one shy of the streak that started that 2017 season and still stands as a program record. It won't be easy going against a punchy Baylor with both coaches' vocal cords on the line, but West Virginia will be coming into this one with all the confidence in the world. For Iowa State, it's just one more game until the season's over. Maybe they can close things out on a high note. Saturday Afternoon Texas Tech 23, Kansas State 7 Texas Tech takeaways: The Texas Tech formula was back at it again: run the ball, control the clock, stifle the opposing offense, win the game. The offense was a bit slow to start, only coming up with a single field goal before the half. However, they simply didn't allow Kansas State to move the ball and threaten to score very often, and the result was that they led 3-0 at intermission. The second half was a different story. The run game found its footing, and Solomon McLaughlin started getting chunks of yardage. He scored a pair of rushing touchdowns in the third quarter in a 17-point burst that broke the game open, and from there it was clean-up duty. They held the Wildcats to 205 yards of offense and one garbage-time touchdown, more than enough of an effort to secure their 7th win of the season. Kansas State takeaways: Kansas State had five shots to win one game for bowl-eligibility. They're now down to one. If the last yard is the longest one, then surely the last win is the hardest one to get. It wasn't fated to be this Saturday, as the offense wasn't really able to get into the game until it was far too late. Rahim Murrell completed just 14 of 27 passes for 150 yards and a single touchdown pass, and despite a second straight game avoiding an interception he still fumbled the ball away once. Elijah Humphrey was a nonfactor, held to 55 yards rushing. The few times they found themselves in scoring range, they struggled to convert. The kicking game was a huge part of that, as Frank Carney missed both of his field goal attempts (43 and 49 yards). Three sacks allowed didn't help, either. The defense kept Texas Tech reasonably in check, but it wasn't going to happen with the offense stuck in its own tracks. The bottom line: Texas Tech secured its third straight winning season with its 7th win of the season overall. Their defense has looked to be in early-season form, giving up just 7 points in their past two games combined. They'll need that to stay true heading into Senior Night. They get a bye to dot the t's and cross the i's, but then the biggest challenge they've faced all year rolls into town: the red-hot West Virginia Mountaineers. For Kansas State, their week 15 bye serves the same purpose: they need to make sure that everything's in order as they play the single biggest game of football this program's faced in four years. It's do-or-die at Kansas--and they'll hope to follow in the footsteps of that 2016 team, which got that 6th win from this same position. TCU 30, Texas 27 TCU takeaways: Just like in the Kansas-Oklahoma game that opened our week, the Texas-TCU matchup that closed the week was a tale of two halves. This time, though, TCU's dominant first half would end up being just enough to get the job done. Shamar Burroughs was untouchable, rushing for two touchdowns in the first quarter. Sam Milner was in a groove, finding Finn Nielsen for a touchdown in the second. The Horned Frogs raced out to a 27-10 lead at the half, and Big XII teams were 118-1 all-time when leading by 17 or more at the half. But the offense lost its touch in the second half, and TCU could only slow down Simeon Wells rather than stop him entirely. Texas began to chip away at the deficit in the second half. TCU got a bit unlucky: they forced two fumbles, and Texas recovered both. They forced two long field goals, and Will Ladd hit them both. But a single field goal from William Finn would prove to be the difference-maker, keeping Texas at arm's length and ultimately providing the margin of victory for this game. With the win, TCU becomes bowl-eligible and avoids a second straight postseason miss--and they stay right in the thick of the conference title race. Texas takeaways: Despite the massive halftime deficit, Texas had its opportunities to win this one. They matched TCU yard-for-yard. They didn't turn the ball over. They held Sam Milner to 14-28 passing for the day. But playing from behind is never ideal by definition, and it's even harder to do so when not much is coming through the air. Most of Kyler Tackett's 168-yard day came in the second half, but his 13-25 performance left a lot to be desired. They had to go to Simeon Wells even more, and the sophomore tailback responded excellently with 111 yards and 2 touchdowns on 22 carries. But that also ran the clock down and created a situation where Texas had to essentially play a perfect second half to storm back. They almost did, too! But when William Finn kicked his third field goal of the game for TCU's only points of the second half, that proved to be just enough to stall out the charging Longhorns. The bottom line: The loss doesn't change much for Texas. It formally eliminates them from Big XII Championship Game contention, but they were already bowl-eligible and already unlikely to make the championship game in the first place. It means that they'll finish under .500 in conference play for the second time overall--but also for the second year in a row. In contrast, it's a huge win for TCU. The Horned Frogs stay in control of their own conference destiny with a 1-game lead for second place in the Big XII standings, and they will be bowl-eligible for the 4th time in 5 years. This sets up an absolutely pivotal showdown with Oklahoma State next week. Byes: Baylor (5-5), Oklahoma State (7-3)
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  23. Miami Dolphins: #21 DE Benjamin Blankenship 6-1 290 3 Georgia [Blitz] 87 - Accepted $7.5 Million #31 WR Tommy Pottios 6-6 183 3 Georgia Tech [Speed] 83 - Rejected N/A #32 OG Todd Hevesy 6-2 284 3 Michigan State [Pass Blocking] 84 - Rejected N/A
  24. Cincinnati Bengals #8 RB Ron Thomas 6-0 194 3 Iowa [Speed] 88 - Accepted $7.475 Million
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