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Penn State goes back to back and defends their National Championship in an explosive 44-23 match up against UCF


Rookie QB Tanner Bowman kicked off the NFLHC preseason with a very solid showing against the Rams on Thursday Night. Though it was against backups, the Redskin faithful have something to be hopeful about.


Former Pittsburgh Head Coach Jumbo was officially named the new Head Coach of the University of Southern California Trojans following iliveinadreamatorium's departure from the university.


The preseason game between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals was cancelled after Cincinnati failed to report their depth chart to league officials. Sources within the organization revealed the team may not have had a gameplan ready as well.

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  2. [2021] NFLHC Positional Conversions

    Friendly bump
  3. Send us (me, klemm, zack) croot rumors pls!

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  5. Contract Lookup Thread v2.0

    Cincinnati Bengals https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HmdjB0U81b10LJbBgK925cjbymSbFrxf5TARzhFRey8/edit?usp=sharing
  6. [2021] Head Coaching Contracts

    HC gigemags11 1 year // 3.25 Million 3.25 Million per year
  7. Account Elevation Requests

    Assigned New Mexico Mountain West Conference Thank you!
  8. cultur3

    Congratulations, You're approved for New Mexico! The 2021 season is about to begin! Go here to see your team and roster. Go here and make your depth chart for the 2021 season. Next, make an account on the Interface. Click "Need a team?". Next, click "Click here to request a new team". Request for New Mexico. Interface is where you will be in charge , game planning, and recruiting. Next, politely request for the New Mexico avatar in this thread If you have any more questions, feel free to refer back to the coaching course, PMing me, or asking for help in the shoutbox! Welcome to New Mexico and to the Mountain West! We're glad to have you! Good luck and enjoy your time here!
  9. Account Elevation Requests

    Assigned Tulane of AAC. Can my avi get switched to that, please? Thanks.
  10. [2021] Preseason All-American Team

    Burton was nominated but didn’t receive the needed support.
  11. [2021] Preseason All-American Team

    Been doing it longer than you've been on the site.
  12. [2021] Preseason All-American Team

    Are you the only homer for a team you don't even coach?
  13. [2020] Utah State Season Debrief

    Our biggest challenge for the coming season is definitely the loss of a lot of our veterans and leaders. We’re going to need our young guys to step up and pick up right where we left off last season. As far as Utah goes, it’s an incredible State with some of the best national parks on earth. There’s nothing as uniquely breathtaking as Zion. Salt Like City is a wonderful city with a rich culture. Our campus is surrounded by gorgeous mountain ranges and feels like a peaceful world of its own away from the drama of other places. Utah embodies the best of what makes America great. So to answer your question, no because anyone that hates Utah hates America, and I don’t let the incorrect opinions of damn communists get in the way of coaching.
  14. [2021] Preseason All-American Team

    Eric Hall? Alexander Burton?
  15. [2021] Preseason All-American Team

    Yeah, I would have went with Walsh. Williams went 23/23 with 11 FGM from 40+, 1 FGM from 50+, long of 52 Walsh went 28/30 with 22 FGM from 40+ (srsly), 2 FGM from 50+, long of 57. His 2 missed FGs were from 51 and 62. I probably would have also voted Yeldon over Dockery and Shamar Ware over the Ball State guy. Can't argue with the rest of the list. Happy to see Brody Gibbons and Graham Chandler make it though, I figured they would have been forgotten.
  16. [2021] Preseason All-American Team

    Really JC Weldon over Raheem?
  17. [2021] Preseason All-American Team

    Walsh was under consideration but Mason being perfect (21/21) with 11 being 40+ pushed us towards him
  18. cultur3

    Also, who do I contact to be a potential coach? I can't seem to find the right place/person on this forum.
  19. Great questions Alex and thanks for coming. I would say my biggest challenge would be keeping my players from joining the local semi-pro hockey team and making sure they don't get into a physical altercation with our strength coach again. If I'm able to accomplish all of that I would say that my attention to detail and death by over-analysis will hopefully transfer into wins on Saturday afternoons. To touch on your second question, my advice would be for everyone to head to Vegas and put your next paycheck on the over! #PrepareForTheRaid!
  20. MTSU Officially Announce New Head Coach

    Hi coach, alexfall862 here from the Wyoming Gazette, Wyoming's first and only written word news source. What is going to be your biggest challenge moving into your first season? Are you bothered by the over/under Vegas prop betting sites set on your tenure at 2 games?
  21. [2020] Utah State Season Debrief

    Hi coach, alexfall862 here from the Wyoming, umm... I wanna say... paper? What is the biggest challenge facing your team this year, and do you feel that your success has been overshadowed by being located in such a crummy state as Utah?
  22. November 17th, 2017 Murfreesboro, Tennessee Charles M. Murphy Athletic Center -Press Release- Today Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders announced their new Head Football Coach for the 2021 season. First year head coach Fenix has quite the task ahead of him but is eager to get started. "I'm excited to be here in Murfreesboro and apart of Blue Raider Nation", said the new head man. He continued,"This may be my first year as a head coach and I know there's a long road ahead of me but I'm ready to jump in head first. I've got a great support system around me and I feel this roster has a chance to compete in the conference this year." Clearly he hasn't paid much attention to MTSU as they're coming off a 1-11 season last year coupled with the coaching instability they've experienced in recent memory. Despite all of that maybe Fenix is on to something as MTSU was able to sign a decent recruiting class headlined by inside linbacker Aaron Darling. Fenix was made available for questions after the press conference but considering there were only three reporters in attendance, which included a journalism student from the local middle school, he felt his time was better spent trying to figure out how to win more than one game this year. MTSU's PR department will relay any questions for Coach Fenix once he emerges from his office.
  23. [2021] Preseason All-American Team

    More fuel for Trevon's fire. Reminder he was snubbed from the Preseason All-PAC last year as well.
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