2020 NHLHC Draft

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2020 NHLHC Draft
General information
Date(s) November 29 - December 7
Location Washington, DC
First selection Usa.png Taylor Price
Selected by: Philadelphia Flyers
Mr. Irrelevant France.png Olivier Giroud
Selected by: Philadelphia Flyers
Overall selections 160
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The 2020 NHLHC Entry Draft was the first-ever NHLHC Draft. The draft was held from November 29 - December 7, 2016 at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC. Taylor Price was the first overall selection in the draft.

Selection order

The selection order for the first round was as determined randomly and the draft followed a "snake" format

Selections by round

Rnd Pick NHL Team Player Pos. Nationality Notes
1 1 Philadelphia Flyers Taylor Price LW Usa.png United States
1 2 Columbus Blue Jackets Markus Johansson G Sweden.png Sweden
1 3 Colorado Avalanche Thomas Haglund D Sweden.png Sweden
1 4 Tampa Bay Lightning Taylor Davidson RW Usa.png United States from Washington
1 5 Dallas Stars Antti Maaki LW Finland.png Finland
1 6 Pittsburgh Penguins Sebastien Perreault D Canada.png Canada
1 7 Detroit Red Wings Nick Raymonde C Canada.png Canada
1 8 Chicago Blackhawks Ville Heronen D Finland.png Finland
1 9 New Jersey Devils Andrei Kerzhakov RW Russia.png Russia
1 10 Washington Capitals Teemu Kovalainen D Finland.png Finland from Tampa Bay
1 11 Calgary Flames Alexei Litenko LW Russia.png Russia
1 12 Minnesota Wild Kyle Christiansen C Usa.png United States
1 13 St. Louis Blues Eric Jacobs D Usa.png United States
1 14 New York Islanders Kim Lehtonen C Finland.png Finland
1 15 Nashville Predators Daniel Desjardins LW Canada.png Canada
1 16 Anaheim Ducks Chris Duplantier RW Canada.png Canada
2 17 Anaheim Ducks Niklas Johansson D Finland.png Finland
2 18 Nashville Predators Kim Westerlund C Sweden.png Sweden
2 19 Tampa Bay Lightning Matthieu Varane D Canada.png Canada from New York
2 20 St. Louis Blues Damien Nicolet G Canada.png Canada
2 21 Minnesota Wild Mats Pauleson LW Sweden.png Sweden
2 22 Calgary Flames Roger Johnson G Usa.png United States
2 23 New York Islanders Patrick Quinn RW Usa.png United States from Tampa Bay
2 24 New Jersey Devils Braden Colbert D Canada.png Canada
2 25 Chicago Blackhawks Jerzy Pawelski C Poland.png Poland
2 26 Detroit Red Wings Alexei Domaskin LW Russia.png Russia
2 27 Colorado Avalanche Yuri Savalenko G Latvia.png Latvia from Pittsburgh
2 28 Dallas Stars Oscar Cronstrom C Sweden.png Sweden
2 29 Washington Capitals Mika Salo LW Finland.png Finland
2 30 Colorado Avalanche Eric Kolarov C Usa.png United States
2 31 Columbus Blue Jackets Olivier De Marais LW France.png France
2 32 Philadelphia Flyers Chris Walters D Usa.png United States
3 33 Philadelphia Flyers Darren Mitchell G Canada.png Canada
3 34 Columbus Blue Jackets Shane Paquette RW Canada.png Canada
3 35 Pittsburgh Penguins Rickie Robinson RW Canada.png Canada from Colorado
3 36 Washington Capitals Martin Kovalek G Czechrepublic.png Czech Republic
3 37 Dallas Stars Gary Leconeaux D Canada.png Canada
3 38 Pittsburgh Penguins Aaron Klein G Canada.png Canada
3 39 Detroit Red Wings Olivier Sarreault D Canada.png Canada
3 40 Chicago Blackhawks Ole-Einar Vardalen D Norway.png Norway
3 41 New Jersey Devils Eric Mason G Usa.png United States
3 42 Washington Capitals Sergei Yakubin C Latvia.png Latvia from Tampa Bay
3 43 Calgary Flames Tim Swickham D Canada.png Canada
3 44 Minnesota Wild Tom Thibodeaux D Canada.png Canada
3 45 St. Louis Blues Pekka Raikkonen RW Finland.png Finland
3 46 New York Islanders Jaroslav Kevlacek G Czechrepublic.png Czech Republic
3 47 Nashville Predators Brandon Guichard D Canada.png Canada
3 48 Anaheim Ducks Jari Koivalainen LW Finland.png Finland
4 49 Anaheim Ducks Ivan Karelin D Russia.png Russia
4 50 Nashville Predators Patrice Moreau RW Canada.png Canada
4 51 New York Islanders Cal Peverley LW Canada.png Canada
4 52 St. Louis Blues Sebastien Rousseau LW Canada.png Canada
4 53 Minnesota Wild Reilly Weston RW Usa.png United States
4 54 Calgary Flames Daniil Sarapov C Russia.png Russia
4 55 Tampa Bay Lightning Rasmus Elm C Sweden.png Sweden
4 56 New Jersey Devils Shawn Poley C Usa.png United States
4 57 Chicago Blackhawks Andrew Webber LW Usa.png United States
4 58 Detroit Red Wings Dan Breuer D Canada.png Canada
4 59 Pittsburgh Penguins Sam Blackbourne D Canada.png Canada
4 60 Dallas Stars Kyle Callahan RW Usa.png United States
4 61 Washington Capitals Alexander Demillier D Canada.png Canada
4 62 Colorado Avalanche Tomas Gaborik LW Slovakia.png Slovakia
4 63 Columbus Blue Jackets Mike Thornton C Usa.png United States
4 64 Philadelphia Flyers Ante Jokic D Croatia.png Croatia
5 65 Philadelphia Flyers Andy Phillips RW Usa.png United States
5 66 Columbus Blue Jackets Paul Letrange D Canada.png Canada
5 67 Pittsburgh Penguins Ruslan Maximov C Ukraine.png Ukraine from Colorado
5 68 Dallas Stars Phil LaCroix G Canada.png Canada Pick position switched with Washington (69) due to invalid Washington pick
5 69 Washington Capitals Jonathan Morris RW Usa.png United States Pick position switched with Dallas (68) due to invalid Washington pick
5 70 Pittsburgh Penguins Petr Rudnecki LW Czechrepublic.png Czech Republic
5 71 Detroit Red Wings Stefan Paulus D Sweden.png Sweden
5 72 Chicago Blackhawks Jaroslav Klasnic G Slovakia.png Slovakia
5 73 New Jersey Devils Victor Valentin D Belarus.png Belarus
5 74 Tampa Bay Lightning Blake Hall G Usa.png United States
5 75 Calgary Flames Frankie Loreaut RW Canada.png Canada
5 76 Minnesota Wild Mike Schnabel D Canada.png Canada
5 77 St. Louis Blues Saki Koivu LW Finland.png Finland
5 78 New York Islanders Petr Baros D Czechrepublic.png Czech Republic
5 79 Nashville Predators Tim Thompson D Usa.png United States
5 80 Anaheim Ducks Aaron DeMarco C Usa.png United States
6 81 Anaheim Ducks Robbie Arniel G Canada.png Canada
6 82 Nashville Predators Sam James G Usa.png United States
6 83 New York Islanders Claude Debuchy D Canada.png Canada
6 84 St. Louis Blues Jason Brown C Canada.png Canada
6 85 Minnesota Wild Johann Eckström D Sweden.png Sweden
6 86 Calgary Flames Jonathan Kessel LW Usa.png United States
6 87 Tampa Bay Lightning Miroslav Sobotka LW Slovakia.png Slovakia
6 88 New Jersey Devils Matt Forbes LW Usa.png United States
6 89 Chicago Blackhawks Klaas Andreasen RW Denmark.png Denmark
6 90 Detroit Red Wings Karel Wojciech C Poland.png Poland
6 91 Pittsburgh Penguins Greg Miller C Canada.png Canada
6 92 Dallas Stars Jakub Voynovski RW Poland.png Poland
6 93 Washington Capitals Samuel Gagnon C Canada.png Canada
6 94 Colorado Avalanche Pavel Krejci RW Czechrepublic.png Czech Republic
6 95 Columbus Blue Jackets Pawel Lewandowski C Poland.png Poland
6 96 Philadelphia Flyers Andreas Karlsson C Sweden.png Sweden
7 97 Philadelphia Flyers Paul Chevalier RW Canada.png Canada
7 98 Columbus Blue Jackets Martin Havlat LW Czechrepublic.png Czech Republic
7 99 Colorado Avalanche James Fitch D Usa.png United States
7 100 Washington Capitals Brian Baker RW Usa.png United States
7 101 Dallas Stars Jeff Rogers D Usa.png United States
7 102 Pittsburgh Penguins Tom Johnson RW Usa.png United States
7 103 Detroit Red Wings Dennis Nehri RW Canada.png Canada
7 104 Chicago Blackhawks Carter Tremblay C Canada.png Canada
7 105 New Jersey Devils Jake Westerlund D Usa.png United States
7 106 Tampa Bay Lightning Tim Carson D Usa.png United States
7 107 Calgary Flames Brad Forlan D Canada.png Canada
7 108 Minnesota Wild P.J. Adams G Usa.png United States
7 109 St. Louis Blues Samuel Sardon C Usa.png United States
7 110 New York Islanders Isaac Columbert LW Canada.png Canada
7 111 Nashville Predators Gray Marlowe LW Canada.png Canada
7 112 Anaheim Ducks Kim Salo C Canada.png Canada
8 113 Anaheim Ducks Andrew Jones D Usa.png United States
8 114 Nashville Predators Oleg Krivtsov C Ukraine.png Ukraine
8 115 New York Islanders Jacek Bak D Poland.png Poland
8 116 St. Louis Blues Christian Johansen LW Denmark.png Denmark
8 117 Minnesota Wild Gabriel Boulanger LW Canada.png Canada
8 118 Calgary Flames Nathan Chadwick D Canada.png Canada
8 119 Tampa Bay Lightning Gideon Destranger C Canada.png Canada
8 120 New Jersey Devils Mike McArthur D Usa.png United States
8 121 Chicago Blackhawks Frederic Pareaux D Canada.png Canada
8 122 Detroit Red Wings Kimi Paikalanen LW Finland.png Finland
8 123 Pittsburgh Penguins Kevin Torrence RW Usa.png United States
8 124 Dallas Stars Peter Henderson D Canada.png Canada
8 125 Washington Capitals Roman Lubos LW Slovakia.png Slovakia
8 126 Colorado Avalanche Michael Laursen C Denmark.png Denmark
8 127 Columbus Blue Jackets Eric Pronger D Usa.png United States
8 128 Philadelphia Flyers Caleb Kilmer LW Usa.png United States
9 129 Philadelphia Flyers Sergei Skrastnins D Latvia.png Latvia
9 130 Columbus Blue Jackets Lars Jakobs D Germany.png Germany
9 131 Pittsburgh Penguins Sascha Kaiser LW Germany.png Germany from Colorado
9 132 Washington Capitals Rinus Letsvins D Latvia.png Latvia
9 133 Dallas Stars Jérémy Mathieu RW France.png France
9 134 Colorado Avalanche Oleksei Mihalin RW Ukraine.png Ukraine from Pittsburgh
9 135 Detroit Red Wings Roger Morris G Usa.png United States
9 136 Chicago Blackhawks Mariusz Dorawa LW Poland.png Poland
9 137 New Jersey Devils Niklas Andersson C Sweden.png Sweden
9 138 New York Islanders Dave Signolet RW Canada.png Canada from Tampa Bay
9 139 Calgary Flames Gustav Johansson RW Sweden.png Sweden
9 140 Minnesota Wild Paul Selange RW Usa.png United States
9 141 St. Louis Blues Sam Ribbenbacher D Canada.png Canada
9 142 New York Islanders David London LW Usa.png United States
9 143 Nashville Predators J.C. Clifford D Usa.png United States
9 144 Anaheim Ducks Joel Mirer D Usa.png United States
10 145 Anaheim Ducks Anders Olafson LW Norway.png Norway
10 146 Nashville Predators Francois Adameau RW Canada.png Canada
10 147 New York Islanders Grant Webster C Canada.png Canada
10 148 St. Louis Blues Victor Flamineau C Canada.png Canada
10 149 Minnesota Wild Yves Moreau D Canada.png Canada
10 150 Calgary Flames Mariusz Mihalek D Czechrepublic.png Czech Republic
10 151 Tampa Bay Lightning Fredrik Pettersson RW Czechrepublic.png Czech Republic
10 152 New Jersey Devils Samuel Johansson LW Sweden.png Sweden
10 153 Chicago Blackhawks Markus Schumann RW Germany.png Germany
10 154 Detroit Red Wings Brandon Baumgartlinger D Canada.png Canada
10 155 Dallas Stars Zdenek Pospech D Czechrepublic.png Czech Republic Pick position switched with Pittsburgh (156) due to invalid Pittsburgh pick
10 156 Washington Capitals Yuri Zhirkov D Russia.png Russia Pick position switched with Pittsburgh (157) due to invalid Pittsburgh pick
10 157 Pittsburgh Penguins Damien Husek D Czechrepublic.png Czech Republic
10 158 Colorado Avalanche Ferenc Hvorkas LW Hungary.png Hungary
10 159 Columbus Blue Jackets Vaclav Havlek RW Czechrepublic.png Czech Republic
10 160 Philadelphia Flyers Olivier Giroud D France.png France


In the explanations below, (D) denotes trades that took place during the 2017 Draft, while (PD) indicates trades completed pre-draft.

Round one

  • No. 4: Washington -> Tampa Bay (D). Washington traded this selection to Tampa Bay for their first round selection (10th) and their third round selection (42nd).
  • No. 10: Tampa Bay -> Washington (D). see No. 4: Washington -> Tampa Bay (D)

Round two

  • No. 19: New York -> Tampa Bay (D). New York traded this selection to Tampa Bay for their second round selection (23rd) and their ninth round selection (138th).
  • No. 23: Tampa Bay -> New York (D): see No. 19: New York -> Tampa Bay (D)
  • No. 27: Pittsburgh -> Colorado (D). Pittsburgh traded this selection and their ninth round selection (134th) to Colorado for their third round selection (35th), their fifth round selection (67th), and their ninth round selection (131st).

Round three

  • No. 35: Colorado -> Pittsburgh (D). see No. 27: Pittsburgh -> Colorado (D)
  • No. 42: Tampa Bay -> Washington (D). see No. 4: Washington -> Tampa Bay (D)

Round five

  • No. 67: Colorado -> Pittsburgh (D). see No. 27: Pittsburgh -> Colorado (D)

Round nine

  • No. 131: Colorado -> Pittsburgh (D). see No. 27: Pittsburgh -> Colorado (D)
  • No. 134: Pittsburgh -> Colorado (D). see No. 27: Pittsburgh -> Colorado (D)
  • No. 138: Tampa Bay -> Washington (D). see No. 4: Washington -> Tampa Bay (D)