2021 NHLHC Expansion Draft

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The 2021 NHLHC Season saw eight teams join the league; the Buffalo Sabres, Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, San Jose Sharks, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Vancouver Canucks. In order to partially stock their rosters a six-round Expansion Draft was held, using a snake format. The draft order was as follows:

  • Vancouver Canucks
  • Montreal Canadiens
  • Los Angeles Kings
  • Buffalo Sabres
  • New York Rangers
  • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • San Jose Sharks

The sixteen existing teams could protect six players on their roster and could not lose more than five players total. As each team lost a player, they were allowed to protect an additional player from their roster.

Draft Results

Rd. Pick Player Nationality Drafted from Drafted by
1 1 Sam James, G Usa.png United States Nashville Predators Vancouver Canucks
1 2 Klaas Andreasen, RW Denmark.png Denmark Chicago Blackhawks Montreal Canadiens
1 3 Martin Havlat, LW Czechrepublic.png Czech Republic Columbus Blue Jackets Los Angeles Kings
1 4 Ruslan Maximov, C Ukraine.png Ukraine Pittsburgh Penguins Buffalo Sabres
1 5 Paul Chevalier, RW Canada.png Canada Philadelphia Flyers New York Rangers
1 6 Christian Johansen, LW Denmark.png Denmark St. Louis Blues Toronto Maple Leafs
1 7 Gabriel Boulanger, LW Canada.png Canada Minnesota Wild Edmonton Oilers
1 8 Samuel Gagnon, C Canada.png Canada Washington Capitals San Jose Sharks
2 9 Tim Carson, D Canada.png Canada Tampa Bay Lightning San Jose Sharks
2 10 Robbie Arniel, G Canada.png Canada Anaheim Ducks Edmonton Oilers
2 11 Jake Westerlund, D Usa.png United States New Jersey Devils Toronto Maple Leafs
2 12 Jacek Bak, D Poland.png Poland New York Islanders New York Rangers
2 13 James Fitch, D Usa.png United States Colorado Avalanche Buffalo Sabres
2 14 Dennis Nehri, RW Canada.png Canada Detroit Red Wings Los Angeles Kings
2 15 Jeff Rogers, D Usa.png United States Dallas Stars Montreal Canadiens
2 16 Nathan Chadwick, D Usa.png United States Calgary Flames Vancouver Canucks
3 17 Roman Lubos, LW Slovakia.png Slovakia Washington Capitals Vancouver Canucks
3 18 Gustav Johansson, RW Sweden.png Sweden Calgary Flames Montreal Canadiens
3 19 Mariusz Dorawa, LW Poland.png Poland Chicago Blackhawks Los Angeles Kings
3 20 Roger Morris, G Usa.png United States Detroit Red Wings Buffalo Sabres
3 21 David London, LW Usa.png United States New York Islanders New York Rangers
3 22 Jeremy Mathieu, RW Canada.png Canada Dallas Stars Toronto Maple Leafs
3 23 Kevin Torrence, RW Usa.png United States Pittsburgh Penguins Edmonton Oilers
3 24 Sergei Skrastnins, D Latvia.png Latvia Philadelphia Flyers San Jose Sharks
4 25 Dave Signolet, RW Canada.png Canada New York Islanders San Jose Sharks
4 26 Niklas Andersson, C Sweden.png Sweden New Jersey Devils Edmonton Oilers
4 27 Francois Adameau, RW Canada.png Canada Nashville Predators Toronto Maple Leafs
4 28 Lars Jakobs, D Germany.png Germany Columbus Blue Jackets New York Rangers
4 29 Anders Olafson, LW Norway.png Norway Anaheim Ducks Buffalo Sabres
4 30 Yuri Zhirkov, D Russia.png Russia Washington Capitals Los Angeles Kings
4 31 Sam Ribbenbacher, D Canada.png Canada St. Louis Blues Montreal Canadiens
4 32 K.J. Carter, D Usa.png United States Chicago Blackhawks Vancouver Canucks
5 33 Olavi Nigul, LW Estonia.png Estonia Tampa Bay Lightning Vancouver Canucks
5 34 Ferenc Hvorkas, LW Hungary.png Hungary Colorado Avalanche Montreal Canadiens
5 35 Adam Kaluza, C Poland.png Poland Dallas Stars Los Angeles Kings
5 36 Mariusz Mihalek, D Czechrepublic.png Czech Republic Calgary Flames Buffalo Sabres
5 37 Frankie Jones, C Usa.png United States Colorado Avalanche New York Rangers
5 38 Damien Husek, D Czechrepublic.png Czech Republic Pittsburgh Penguins Toronto Maple Leafs
5 39 Brandon Baumgartlinger, D Canada.png Canada Detroit Red Wings Edmonton Oilers
5 40 Joel Mirer, D Usa.png United States Anaheim Ducks San Jose Sharks
6 41 Nikolai Ostrakov, G Russia.png Russia Tampa Bay Lightning San Jose Sharks
6 42 Victor Flamineau, C Canada.png Canada St. Louis Blues Edmonton Oilers
6 43 Vladimir Vasilyev, LW Russia.png Russia Chicago Blackhawks Toronto Maple Leafs
6 44 Kyle Jones, D Usa.png United States New York Islanders New York Rangers
6 45 Daniel Ashworth, D Usa.png United States Nashville Predators Buffalo Sabres
6 46 Sergey Vitalin, D Russia.png Russia Calgary Flames Los Angeles Kings
6 47 Vladimir Sobotik, G Czechrepublic.png Czech Republic Minnesota Wild Montreal Canadiens
6 48 Miloslav Chvátal, RW Czechrepublic.png Czech Republic Chicago Blackhawks Vancouver Canucks