Carolina Panthers

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Carolina Panthers
Established 2014
Play in Bank of America Stadium
Charlotte, North Carolina
Headquartered Charlotte, North Carolina
Carolina Panthers logo
League/conference affiliations

National Football League (2014–present)

Current uniform
Team colors

Panther Blue, Black, Silver, White

Mascot Sir Purr
Owner(s) CadeRich5
General manager CadeRich5
Head coach CadeRich5
Team history
  • Carolina Panthers (2014–present)
League championships ()
Conference championships ()

Division championships (1)

Home fields
  • Bank of America Stadium (2014–present)

The Carolina Panthers are a professional American Football team based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Panthers are members of the South Division of the National Football Conference (NFC), in the National Football League (NFL). The Caroline Panthers were the first team to ever make a player selection, choosing QB Christian Skaggs with the 1st ever draft pick in the 2014 NFLHC Draft.

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