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Current position
Title Head coach
Team Pittsburgh Panthers
Conference ACC
Record 48-29
Biographical details
Born New York, NY
Coaching career (HC unless noted)
2014 - present Pittsburgh Panthers
Head coaching record
Overall 48-29 (62.3%)
Bowls 3-3

Jumbo is the second-year head coach of the Pittsburgh Panthers football team. Jumbo took the position following the fourth game of Pittsburgh's 2014 season. He is also currently the acting general manger of the New York Jets.

Early years

Jumbo was born in a log cabin in New York, NY, at some point. It is currently unknown what that point is, but it is said to have been the moment that God looked down upon the earth and gave it a true blessing.

NFLHC Career

Jumbo initially joined the site before the inaugural 2014 NFLHC Draft in order to act as general manager for the New York Jets. The Jets' first ever draft pick under Jumbo was DE Alvis Brumm, who won NFL Defensive Player of the Year in his rookie season and has continued his success ever since. Jumbo has said that Brumm "was not even initially in our plans, he just fell into our laps." Second ever draft pick FS Jim Sisemore was traded away after one season with the team, in which he recorded no interceptions and did not contribute much. The Jets made the playoffs in their first season under Jumbo, and have made two consecutive Super Bowls (Super Bowl V and Super Bowl VI) but are still looking to win the team's first title.

CFBHC Career

The Pittsburgh Panthers were being coached by QB-coach James Dale when the Panthers approached Jumbo with a coaching offer. After a week of consideration, Jumbo finally accepted the offer, just in time to miss the first round of recruiting. Jumbo has a career winning record with the Panthers and had his win over a ranked team in his coaching career - the 35-21 win over Texas in the 2014 Meineke Car Care Texas Bowl. The Panthers had their first two first round picks in 2019 with Corey Davis and Michael McBride.

Personal Life

Jumbo runs much of the Vegas-style betting for CFBHC and is a freelance journalist for the site.