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Beaver Stadium
Beaver Stadium

On February 15, the inaugural NHLHC Winter Classic was played between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Played before a crowd of 83,619 at Beaver Stadium in State College, PA, the Flyers defeated the Penguins 4-3.(Full article...)

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Statistical Leaders

Offensive Leaders (Regular Season)
Points Goals Assists Penalty Minutes
LW Taylor Price, PHI LW Taylor Price, PHI D Eric Jacobs, STL C Jason Brown, STL
D Yuri Zhirkov, WSH
34 22 25 32

Defensive Leaders (Regular Season)
Goals Against Average Save Percentage Wins Shutouts Saves
Martin Kovalek, WAS Martin Kovalek, WAS Markus Johansson, CLB
Damien Nicolet, STL
Blake Hall, TB
Martin Kovalek, WAS Eric Mason, NJ
34 22 25 17 696

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Players of the Week

NHLHC Three Stars, 2020 Playoffs
First Star Second Star Third Star
Columbus Blue Jackets NHLHC logo.png Columbus Blue Jackets NHLHC logo.png Predators.png
Markus Johansson, G
Columbus Blue Jackets
Mike Thornton, C
Columbus Blue Jackets
Kim Westerlund, C
Nashville Predators

In the news

Top pick Tyler Neiley poses with Dallas Stars brass. The defenceman was the highest-rated American skater.
Top pick Tyler Neiley poses with Dallas Stars brass. The defenceman was the highest-rated American skater.
  • August 1 - The 2021 NHLHC Entry Draft begins. Defenceman Tyler Neiley is chosen first overall by the Dallas Stars.
  • July 2-21 - The 2021 NHLHC Expansion Draft takes place.
  • June 13 - Columbus wins the Stanley Cup, defeating the Nashville Predators 4-3.
  • April 29 - The 2020 NHLHC Playoffs begin.
  • April 24 - NHLHC announced eight expansion teams for the 2021 season: The Buffalo Sabres, Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, San Jose Sharks, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Vancouver Canucks.
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  • Recent job changes:
    • June 16 - Wrigleyfan (New Jersey Devils)
    • June 16 - ajyoungmark (Edmonton Oilers)
    • June 16 - Isaac829 (Columbus Blue Jackets)
    • June 15 - TheLiberator (New York Islanders)

Playoff Bracket

Quarterfinals Conference Championship Stanley Cup
A1 Tampa Bay Lightning 2
W2 Columbus Blue Jackets 4
W2 Columbus Blue Jackets 4
Eastern Conference
W1 New Jersey Devils 1
M1 Washington Capitals 2
W1 New Jersey Devils 4
W2 Columbus Blue Jackets 4
W2 Nashville Predators 3
C1 St. Louis Blues 4
W1 Calgary Flames 1
C1 St. Louis Blues 0
Western Conference
W2 Nashville Predators 4
P1 Colorado Avalanche 3
W2 Nashville Predators 4
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