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Friends Arena
Friends Arena

The World Cup is a quadrennial competition between national teams to decide the champions of the world. The 2020 edition of this competition will be held between Denmark and Sweden, with Sweden's Friends Arena hosting the final on September 19th. 10 stadiums across the two Scandinavian countries will play host to 24 nations that have qualified for the competition. These 24 countries will play in a group stage, with 16 advancing to the knockout stages. (Full article...)

Statistical Leaders (as of November 2nd)

Offense Goalkeeping
Goals Assists Saves Save Ratio Clean Sheets
Germany.png Italy.png
Robin Schneider, Massimo de Luca
1860, AJX
Bastien Courtet
Marley Stewart
Evgeny Pavlovich
Jan-Mathijn van den Plas
6 5 34 .839 4
Bookings Team Stats
Yellow Cards Red Cards Goals Scored Goals Allowed Wins
3 Players
3 Teams
2 Players
2 Teams
LA Galaxy
England.png Hongkong.png
Leicester City, South China AA
Tottenham Hotspur
3 1 14 15 5

Upcoming Matches

9 September (2020 FIFA World Cup - Quarterfinals)
Switzerland Switzerland.png - Italy.png Italy Tele2 Arena, Stockholm
10 September (2020 FIFA World Cup - Quarterfinals)
Croatia Croatia.png - Austria.png Austria Swedbank Stadion, Malmö
11 September (2020 FIFA World Cup - Quarterfinals)
United States Usa.png - Brazil.png Brazil Ullevi, Göteborg
12 September (2020 FIFA World Cup - Quarterfinals)
Germany Germany.png - France.png France Parken Stadium, Copenhagen

Recent Transfer News

  • July 20 - Manchester City sent RW Ruud Beumer to Arsenal in exchange for $1,000,000.
  • July 20 - AS Roma sent ST Marin Rajski to Manchester City in exchange for $5,500,000.
  • July 18 - Manchester City sent DM Alexi to Liverpool in exchange for $1,150,000.
  • June 28 - FC Wacker Innsbruck sent CB Sebastian Draisaitl to Manchester City on loan with no fee for the 2019 season.
  • June 20 - SSC Napoli sent CM Franco Rustici to FC Dallas in exchange for $3,500,000.
  • June 12 - Tottenham Hotspur FC sent Adetola Ogbanyike to FC Wacker Innsbruck in exchange for $850,000.
  • June 21 - Orlando City SC sent Rodrigo Pereira to TSV 1860 München on loan for the 2019 season in exchange for $75,000.

League Leaders

1st Place 2nd Place 1st Place 2nd Place 1st Place 2nd Place EC 1st Place WC 1st Place
Wackerinnsbruck.jpg 220px-Borussia Dortmund logo.svg.png AS Roma logo (2013).svg.png Realmadrid.png Tottenham Hotspur.png Arsenal.png Phiunion.png Galaxy.png
Wacker Innsbruck
12 points
Borussia Dortmund
10 points
AS Roma
12 points
Real Madrid
12 points
Tottenham Hotspur
16 points
12 points
Philadelphia Union
13 points
LA Galaxy
15 points

In the news

Logo of the French National Team
Logo of the French National Team
  • September 19 - France defeated Italy 2-1 in extra time to win the 2020 FIFA World Cup.
  • September 8 - Cameroon and Nigeria won the right to host the 2021 FIFA World Cup. Qualifying groups were also drawn.
  • August 31 - The knockout stages for the 2020 FIFA World Cup were finalized, with the highlights of the Round of 16 being USA-Mexico and Germany-Spain.
  • July 26 - The 2020 FIFA World Cup draw was held, setting the stage for the 24-team tournament through August and September.
  • July 25 - The 2020 FIFA World Cup qualifying stages concluded, with Chile qualifying for the final spot with a 7-1 aggregate win over Costa Rica.
  • Ongoing events:
    • 2019 MLS Season
    • 2019 NCL Season
    • 2019 SCL Season
    • 2019 BIL Season
    • 2020 FIFA World Cup
  • Recent job changes:
    • TuscanSota (Costa Rica)
    • Nmize0 (Japan)
    • UBL (Czech Republic)

FIFA World Rankings - Top 20

FIFA World Rankings Top 20
Rank Team Confederation Movement
1 Italy.png Italy UEFA Steady.png
2 Spain.png Spain UEFA Steady.png
3 Argentina.png Argentina CONMEBOL Steady.png
4 Brazil.png Brazil CONMEBOL Increase.png1
5 England.png England UEFA Increase.png1
6 Germany.png Germany UEFA Increase.png1
7 Usa.png United States CONCACAF Increase.png1
8 Croatia.png Croatia UEFA Decrease.png4
9 Colombia.png Colombia CONMEBOL Steady.png
10 France.png France UEFA Increase.png4
11 Austria.png Austria UEFA Decrease.png1
12 Chile.png Chile CONMEBOL Steady.png
13 Switzerland.png Switzerland UEFA Steady.png
14 Netherlands.png Netherlands UEFA Increase.png9
15 Denmark.png Denmark UEFA Increase.png3
16 Egypt.png Egypt CAF Decrease.png5
17 China.png China AFC Decrease.png5
18 Mexico.png Mexico CONCACAF Increase.png1
19 Japan.png Japan AFC Increase.png2
20 Sweden.png Sweden UEFA Decrease.png5
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